With so many options available, you might have a question or two. Check these often asked questions or send me a message if you need more specific answers.

Why do you offer so many options?

Since I started out in Real Estate, I have always felt that the consumer should have the most choice when it comes to selling their property. Over my Real Estate career, I have met some pretty savvy clients who are capable of handling some or all of the tasks normally performed by Licensed Realtors. I thought, why not let them do some of the work and pass on some savings.

Why do you not list your prices on your site?

First, I want to preserve my business models and prevent other realtors from imitating them. Second, I like to talk to my clients and really understand what they need before discussing how I can help.

Why help 'For Sale By Owners'?

I take a lot of heat over this. Why bother helping people who do not want my services? I see 'For Sale By Owner' sellers as brilliant and ambitious and I love to help them succeed. And if it becomes overwhelming for them, I might be able to lend a hand.

What if I don't want to do any of the work?

Don't forget that I am a fully Licensed Real Estate Broker and would be happy to sell your property using conventional practices. Typically, this means that we agree on a commission based on a percentage of your selling price, I list, show, and market the property, and I professionally negotiate on your behalf. Plus I carry Realtor's Insurance to protect everyone involved.

I was thinking about 'For Sale By Owner', do you really think I can do it myself?

Sure, Why not? Sign up for my Free Webinar. I introduce my ' 7 Days To Sell It Yourself ' course. I ask a number of questions and depending on your answers, you can see if you are 'FSBO-Ready'.

I don't know what to do. The options are a bit confusing. Can you help me choose?

Of Course! Contact me by using this form and we will discuss all your options and the pros and cons of each. I want you to make the most comfortable choice for you. Whether you know nothing about selling real estate or it's all old hat, there is a set of services, products, and training that suits your needs.