A Breath of Fresh Air

Lately, clients have told me that it's time for new options in Real Estate Services. It's time to hand over some control of The Sale of Your Property to you, the Client. It's time for you to choose how you want to Sell your Home. It's time for you to choose How Much You Want to Pay. It's time for you to choose to Sell Your Home Your Way.

You are Real Estate Savvy

After 15 years in Real Estate, I have learned that you understand quite a bit about how our competitive Real Estate Market works. You understand which update investments are best and will Make Your Home More Valuable. By the time you are ready to Sell Your House, you have Decluttered Your Spaces, Neutralized Your Decor, Staged Your Rooms beautifully and Boosted Your Property's Curb Appeal. I want you to Take that Valuable Knowledge to the Bank.



The Family Business

Since 1908

The Family Business

My Great-Grandfather came to Canada in 1908 and began building homes in Northern Ontario for immigrant families escaping the impending war in Europe. He was a landlord and a mortgage provider and maintained a business philosophy of equality and fairness to all.

My Grandfather followed in his father's footsteps and after the second world war started a family and moved to the Toronto area to invest in rental properties and put his three sons through university.

A lawyer, my father has practiced real estate law in the Hamilton-Burlington area for over 50 years. My parents made a home for their family in Burlington and participated in community building, entrepreneurial endeavors and local politics since they settled here in the early 1960s.

I spent my teen years helping my father at the local Land Registry Offices. I learned how to read the registry books and search for relevant documents needed to examine and register real estate transactions.


A Burlington Girl

Once and Always

Born and Raised Here

I was one of five kids born to my parents in Burlington just as it was becoming one of the top suburban communities in Canada. My extended family still lives in the area and everyone loves it here.

I have lived here, and in Toronto and even in Calgary. However, the Burlington, Hamilton and Niagara area has always felt like home and so I have spent most of my life here. I am currently living in Burlington, close to the beautiful waterfront on Lake Ontario.

Education and Beyond

After graduating from Computer Science, and enjoying a few post-school technical jobs, I realized that the draw of the Real Estate business would always be hard to resist. I liked the idea of viewing beautiful homes and interesting properties and crafting deals.

Once I decided to pursue Real Estate as a career, I studied and became a Licensed Real Estate Sales Representative and then soon a Licensed Real Estate Broker. In time, I ventured out on my own as a small business owner and Sole Proprietor Broker in my home town.

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Karen Zahoruk

Real Estate Broker

It's the Journey

My life-long exposure to the real estate world was at the root of my interest in the field. I made my first real estate purchase in my 20s of one of my personal favourite types of Real Property, a sleepy co-op. It was the first time I realized investing in communities on the verge of growth yields great results.

A New Hybrid Brokerage

Over the years, I explored many real estate brokerage models and I found the most client-friendly model to be the Hybrid Brokerage. This model uses a flexible combination of traditional services, discount services, and in my model, do-it-yourself services.

My Destination

As a real estate broker, I take great pride in finding the perfect homes for my clients or selling their properties in our dynamic market.

The intimate and personal experience of helping someone sell a beloved family home or buy their dream home makes me feel more like a friend than a distant professional.

Getting Started...

Your next step is easy. Just reach out and we'll discuss how we can work together and how much you want to pay for Real Estate Services.