Full Service Real Estate Broker

All the conventional duties of a Licensed Real Estate Professional are yours in my Full Service Real Estate Package.

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Discount Brokerage Services

We can work together and cater my services to provide you with substantial savings over conventional Real Estate Brokerage fees.

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For Sale By Owner Assistance

DIY does not mean you are all alone out there. Let me help you on your way to the most savings over conventional Real Estate Services.

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Complete Professional Services

Full-Service Real Estate is the most traditional brokerage model. Sellers contract with Licensed Real Estate Brokerages to List, Market, Show, Negotiate and Sell the property and Sellers pay a percentage of the Sale Price as the Fee for Service. Most Homeowners have experienced this a few times over the years when Buying or Selling.

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Savings on the Sale of Your Property

If you want to reduce the amount of Commission you will pay, consider Discount Brokerage Services. Together, we will review your needs and cater your services to share some of the duties of selling your property, It's a bit like choosing from an " à la carte " menu and you only pay for what you need me to do for you.

For Sale By Owner? Yes!

You want maximum commission savings and you are prepared to do all the work... DIY is for you. Use your knowledge of the current Real Estate Market, insider information about your own community, and confidence in the great features of your home to find a buyer on your terms. I have a catalog of services, tools, and online training available to help you succeed.


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